D'veed Natan

D'veed Natan is the premier Kobujutsu instructor in Israel teaching both kata and combat techniques with the traditional weapons as well as improvised and modern weapons. His knowledge of kata breakdown and practical application is unsurpassed in Israel; elevating it from "kindergarten" to "university" and post doc levels. Due to his many years of teaching, and high level of expertise, students learn much more and much faster under him. Based on his extensive military background in both the US Army and the Israeli Army, he has designed a program separate from the traditional methods of civilian self defense training...

Kenpo is for Health

Because Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu is not, and never was, a sport; injuries are almost unheard of in its learning. Football and basketball, each, cause far more injuries in one. And, unlike sports figures, Kenpo masters live well into their 80's and 90's healthy and free from physical discomforts.In these times, with people living longer, one of the main concerns is with "quality of life". Of what use is an extra twenty or thirty years of life; if, it is to be spent as a prisoner in a broken down disease ridden body, or, lonely and bored? "Ryukyu Kenpo is for life", has been said by generations of Masters...

Choosing a school

As enthusiastic as new Karate students are, few will continue beyond the first year. This high drop out rate has less to do with the difficulty of the training; than, with a reality that doesn't live up to the fantasy. From a young person's point of view, Karate is a very romantic activity. Few students anticipate the intensity of the effort and commitment. You don't have to be disappointed. With a little effort, you can develop realistic expectations and find the best school for you. Best is not defined by style of Karate; but, by thoroughness of the instruction and how well it fits your individual goals.
"If one style could be all things to all people there would only be one style".

Branches Affiliated with the Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo